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Опубліковано 09 жовтня 2018 року о 14:34

Online trading platform LLC "NATIONAL ELECTRONIC STOCK EXCHANGE" (found at https://neb.org.ua/, hereinafter – OTP), accredited on 06.07.2018 in Ukraine by State Enterprise "PROZORRO.SALE" (https://prozorro.sale/team) to organize online auctions for small asset privatization. We would like to present the following proposal for your consideration.
According to the Law of Ukraine "On State and Communal Property Privatization" No.2269-VIII dated 18.01.2018, in June 2018, Ukraine has launched the process of "small privatization" – privatization of small state and communal property assets (worth up to UAH 250 mln.) via open bidding in auctions organized by online trading platforms accredited by SE "PROZORRO.SALE".

At the moment, the system has over 850 small privatization assets from the entire territory of Ukraine with a total value of over UAH 2 bn. This list is supplemented on a daily basis with assets of Ukrainian communal enterprises, and according to the national privatization program, another 1,400 state property assets will be added to the list. Auctions have already started from August 17, 2018.
Starting prices being offered are as follows:

Auction No. Starting bid Possibility of price increase/decrease Application timeline
Auction 1 Market or book value Price increase in the bidding process 20-35 days
Auction 2 Market or book value – 50% Price increase in the bidding process 20-35 days
Auction 3 Market or book value – 50% Possibility of price reduction to 10%-20% 20-35 days

The auction procedure as stipulated in the Cabinet of Ministers' Resolution No. 432 dated May 10, 2018 has the following advantages over previous sales systems:

1. All small privatization auctions are located in a single database – PROZORRO.SALE system, which can be accessed FREE OF CHARGE via registration at OTP "NATIONAL ELECTRONIC STOCK EXCHANGE" (https://neb.org.ua/).
2. Transparent system of application and participation in auctions.
3. Clearly regulated timeline for each procedure.
4. Possibility of price reduction down to 10-20% from the starting price over a short period.

Being an engaged participant of the small privatization program, OTP "NATIONAL ELECTRONIC STOCK EXCHANGE" offers new investment possibilities for private entrepreneurs and corporations interested in active Ukrainian productions and businesses. We provide comprehensive consultations regarding the registration process, auction procedures, as well as detailed information on the assets that are on the market.

Potential investors are advised to consider the following promising businesses that will be on the market in the near future:
1. PJSC "Zaporizhzhya Industrial Aluminum Integrated Plant"
2. PJSC "Dniprovsky Machine-Building Plant"
3. PJSC "Mykolaiv Thermal Power Plant"
4. PJSC "Oil Refining Complex-Galychyna"
5. Single property complex of the state enterprise "Berehovo Quarry"
6. Single property complex of the state enterprise "Black Sea Yacht Club"
7. State enterprise "Vinnytsia Crystal Plant",
as well as a number of other assets of potential interest for investors in the areas of tourism, hospitality and restaurant business, and a range of businesses manufacturing products with strong prospective demand both in Ukraine and abroad.

LLC "NATIONAL ELECTRONIC STOCK EXCHANGE" has over 4 years of successful asset sales in the Ukrainian online trading market. The total value of assets sold during this period via our online trading platform exceeds UAH 1.3 bn, with UAH 625 mln. through the "PROZORRO.SALE" system. We have sold over 1,000 assets, including more than 500 real estate and integral property complexes. These results ensure our consistent ranking as one of the Top 5 companies in the online commerce market of Ukraine.

 ensures custom-tailored approach to each client and provides turnkey support for contracts;
 accepts online applications 24/7;
 provides technical support on Mon-Fri from 9:00 to 18:00;
 has extensive contacts with relevant sector investors in Ukraine, who are already purchasing assets through our OTP;
 provides information about potentially interesting assets for sale to numerous registered platform participants;
 has opportunities for additional promotion of assets for sale, including communications with domestic and foreign investment funds;
 ensures quick resolution of all urgent issues and provides comprehensive support to clients and users to maximize sales.

Given the abovementioned, we appeal to you to inform Hungarian businessmen, businessmen especially those of Ukrainian origin, about specific Ukrainian state and communal property assets that are on the market in the framework of the national small privatization program.
We suggest that the information is shared with state and private business organizations, associations, public unions, local internet forums, Ukrainian business communities in the Hungarian, as well as individual businessmen with potential interest of investing in Ukraine.
OTP "NATIONAL ELECTRONIC STOCK EXCHANGE" website provides relevant information in English or Hungarian. English-language or Hungarian-language version can be accessed by choosing the appropriate option on the language bar (see the screenshot).

Representatives of our platform are ready to provide advice or schedule a meeting with interested investors at any time to discuss cooperation on the purchase of the abovementioned assets or any other assets in the PROZORRO.SALE system. For questions and additional information, please contact us at:
• Tel.: +38 (098) 297-39-45 +38 (044) 585-00-96
• e-mail: [email protected]  [email protected] 
• Skype: vberlinsky
• Viber/WhatsApp/Telegram +38 (050) 968 86 20

04080, Ukraine, Kyiv
Novokostiantynivska St., 2-A
Tel.: +38 (044) 585-00-96

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